JAMILEE ABUCAY @stylinginquiries

Jamilee is the girl who wants to change the world; she's a petite spitfire that grew up against the grain— born in California and raised in the islands of Hawai'i. Hip-Hop, art, craftsmanship, and anything that required passion has always piqued her curiosity. Her eclectic taste came naturally and Jamilee incorporates her aesthetic-driven personality and meticulous nature in whatever she chooses to pour her energy into. 

She finds genuine interest and appreciation in just about everything, but found her passion working as a hairstylist- a career that fulfills every avenue and ability to express her love for artistry. Jamilee specializes in coloring and precision cutting; she customizes looks specific to each client's individual lifestyle and personality whilst considering other physical attributes such as client's face shape, skin tone, and eye color. She is consistently taking advantage of industry workshops and 1-on-1 classes to advance her skill and knowledge. 

Currently, Jamilee is working behind the chair in hair studios between Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles. Not only does she share her ideals through the aesthetics of hair but she also has experience with design, fashion styling, photography, writing, curating events, and directing creative projects. She maintains staying ahead of the curve by keeping an ear to the streets and consistently immerses herself in projects to further her imagination and artistic growth.